The Leading 100

Welcome to The Leading 100

LuxeSF (formerly known as The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco) and San Francisco magazine, in partnership with the respected REAL Trends organization, are proud to introduce The Leading 100 List, which recognizes outstanding top performers in Bay Area residential real estate sales. The stated vision of The Leading 100 List is to provide the Bay Area community with an authoritative, annual guide to real estate agent performance based on results and meritorious performance.

REAL Trends data, universally recognized as the most reputable and accurate in the industry because of its verification protocols and recording of off-market transactions, is used as the basic platform in developing The Leading 100 List. That data was supplemented, where necessary and appropriate, with verified information provided by brokerage management.

The Leading 100 List represents the Bay Area’s 100 top-producing agents who registered outstanding performance in a calendar year, based on dollar sales volume, and recognizes Individual sales performance. Additionally, in 2017 we recognized a gray area that resides between high-performance sales teams and individual “rainmakers” who rely upon support staff to execute transactions. A Leading 100 Teams List has also been developed and operates in tandem with the continuing Individual Agents List.

The Leading 100 Comes to Atlanta

We are delighted to announce that the Leading 100 list was introduced for the first time to the Atlanta real estate community in 2019. We congratulate all of the Atlanta Honorees on their outstanding performance.


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